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juni, 2012

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By On 30 juni 2012

These days I am really into participating in contests. I love being creative but it really helps me to have an assignment and a deadline. And yeah, the idea that you can… Read More

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Shoes for Sale

By On 17 juni 2012

It’s time to clean up a bit! So some of my shoecollection is for sale now. Check it out on Marktplaats or send me an e-mail.… Read More

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I choose quality

By On 17 juni 2012

Lately I am more and more into quality. Not going for the fast and cheap option but saving up for something you really want and what’s good for the environment and the… Read More

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Meet the Blogger 2012

By On 16 juni 2012

Last saturday I went to the beautiful Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam for ‘Meet the Blogger’. The whole entire day I was amazed by the beautiful building. It’s so obvious that they renovated… Read More

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Something to read

By On 14 juni 2012

Inspired by the lovely Frida from, key-note speaker at Meet the Blogger, I asked my friends who where on a holiday in Norway to bring home some decoration magazines for me.… Read More

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Lunch Time

By On 12 juni 2012

At the end of Meet the Blogger we all received this amazing goodie bag full of great stuff. I really love the mugs from VTwonen and the pepper and salt crushers from… Read More

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How Meet the Blogger changed my life

By On 8 juni 2012

Around this time a year ago I set foot in the lovely designhotel V in Amsterdam. Oh man, I was so nervous! I read about the event on twitter or facebook and… Read More

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By On 6 juni 2012

For this amazing dress, click here Allthough I am happily married I have got this secred desire of getting married again. Not with an other guy, oh no, but a nice party… Read More