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juni, 2013

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you are my wild 03

By On 30 juni 2013

This rarely happens anymore, my little boy falling asleep on my lap. I guess it’s true, I am his safe place. I really love this project. Anki from Zilverblauw wrote about it… Read More

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testing: the Wonderful Wallfix from Brabantia

By On 26 juni 2013

A while back I got the chance to test the ‘Wallfix’ from Brabantia. The Wallfix is an outside-clothes-drying-system you can easily attach to the wall. When you need it, just simply unfold… Read More

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you are my wild 02

By On 23 juni 2013

Sorry for the delay, I was too sick to update. But here are some picks of our little climbing monkey in some beautiful light. I really love this project. Anki from Zilverblauw… Read More

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hello, again

By On 22 juni 2013

So, last time I wrote I was pretty thrilled that I finally started to feel a bit better. Two days later I got really sick. So sick I couldn’t do anything at… Read More